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Monday, July 12, 2010

Drinking Water is now even cheaper with Vocal Point!

Hi!  Have any of you ever heard of Vocal Point?  I found it by just being my usual stingy self - trolling for coupons and came upon this mega resource - according to their website Vocalpoint is a community for women that provides valuable and interesting insights about new products, surveys, daily tips, articles, and coupons/samples ...oh, the coupons and the samples...this is what arrived in my mailbox on Friday: 

It was a delicious drink from Crystal Lite!  Three flavors - great to carry in my purse or the car!

But best of all....COUPONS!!!!

That's right - SIX DOLLARS OF COUPONS FOR DRINK MIX!  I think this will help me to drink more water - according to experts, the best thing to drink for your health.  I'm off to my grocery store to price this drink mix.  Have a great day everyone - it is rainy and dreary in North Georgia.
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  1. Hi, Betsy! Just found your note on my blog. I think your photos are great! My daughter and I took a class at last winter... I learned lots about my camera, but still have LOTS left to learn. It is a work-in-progress. LOL! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll come again.


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