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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here's the scoop on dog food and dog poop!

Last week, I took the demons to the vet for a terrible rash on their bellies.  I was imagining a terrible exotic disease, but the vet said they had just plain old fleas.  He was full of useful information.

Trying to conserve $$$, The Boss used the flea medicine (the liquid you put on their backs) that was left over from a deceased pet.  The vet explained to me that while each vial contained a certain amount of the active ingredient, splitting a vial on 2 small dogs that was meant for one large dog was not practical; because there was no way to see what amount of fillers and what amount of active ingredients each dog received, and there was no way to make sure each dog got a correct dosage.  Made sense to me....

We also discussed bathing since we live on the water and the demons love to get in the edge of the muddy/dirty water to cool off and bring all that yuck into our house.  Our Groomer suggested dishwashing detergent, but the vet said that was too harsh for the demons.  He suggested soap free baby shampoo, possibly something with aloe or oatmeal.

Now, the scoop on food and poop.  I have always wondered, do you "really" get what you pay for in dog food?  The way he explained it to me, dog food has varying amounts of filler - this affects the price.  How well your dog digests his/her food is key. He said high end foods contain very little filler - so with some brands you will see a very small amount of poop.  Same goes to low end foods - a lot of filler means a lot of poop and a "lot" of gas.  We changed brands because Lucy, a.k.a. Pig, was filling the room with scent, and not a good kind.  The vet said that a dog shouldn't poop more than 2 times per day, it should be formed, and the gas should be "manageable".  He said he liked Pedigree and Purina One and used them himself.  Oh, I am not compensated for this at all, but I will be on the lookout for coupons to share :-)

I wanted to interview the demons for their opinion on different dog foods, but this was all I got from them:

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What are your thoughts on dog food and bathing your dogs?  I'd love to hear from you!   

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  1. i use Dawn and water. i mix it half and half. Rub it in and let it sit for a minute then wash. The fleas drop off. baby shampoo does not seen to do the same thing. Oh yea I use regular dawn not the ultra.. Dog food, go with a rice based formula. I like Healthy morsals in purple bag by Purina. It is a rice, lamb based food. no gas with my inside dog.


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