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Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Chips and Queso!

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I have just a quick second to fire off a deal before I leave to prepare for the Indoor Yard Sale at the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center this weekend.  Please come by if you get a chance; I'm getting rid of some of my jewelery (real and not), purses (can you believe it?) Gary is selling some instruments and various other things.  No we are not destitute yet, just cleaning out and paring down - if I'm going to be working at home now, I want even less to have to keep clean and neat!

We still have the 2 stray dogs - they are really sweet and I hope to get them adopted staff (the demons) do not like having these freeloaders here :-)

Sometime soon, I plan to get in on the FREE CHIPS and QUESO at my local Chili's Restaurant.  It is part of their email club:  here's the link.

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