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Friday, July 9, 2010

I did what I needed to do

Sorry, no post yesterday.  I spent much of the day at the doctor's office - one test result down and one  to go.  The first test was for osteoporosis - my dear sweet mom suffered with this terrible disease.  Also, some of the treatments (calcium shots, pills, etc.) were very hard on her.  In addition, finding out that age 37, actress Gwyneth Paltrow had been diagnosed with osteopenia (the precurser to osetoporosis) - I was more than ready to get this very simple test.

To say that it was simple was an understatement.  Here is some great information about the Dexa scan that I did yesterday.  It was a piece of cake:  I laid down on this


a very nice lady administered the test here

(she was a nurse and got on the job training) and the only thing I had to do was lay very still.    Test results were (drum roll please :-)  MY BONES ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!   YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next test was a biopsy for skin cancer.  The doctor was concerned about this particular spot because it was irregular in shape.  This took a bit longer because the nurses were super careful in setting up a sterile environment - I was impressed with their caution and care in this task.  A shot to numb my back, a little scrape and it was over.  The worst thing was no swimming for a week - our pool will just have to wait.  

Here's a recent pic of my new coworkers at our last staff meeting - I sure do miss my previous colleagues :-)


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  1. Pig and Chicken look way too comfy to be co-workers!


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