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Georgia, United States
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Was it Excess or the Economy?

We just finished the Indoor Yard Sale at the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center.  We made about 50% of what we did last year, which got me to thinking, "was it our lifestyle of excessive spending that limited our sales (we just had regular household stuff) or was it our local economy?  Unemployment rates in Dalton (May 2010) are at almost 12% and foreclosure rates (according to CoreLogic data) the national foreclosure rate is 3.15 per cent and my local area is at 3.27 percent.  My local newspaper says today that my county and an adjoining county averages 100 foreclosures a month.   
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  1. Welcome to blog land! :) One would think that a yard sale with be larger in a tough economy, so that's interesting. These are interesting times...


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